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Z Wave Lighting Control Z Wave Wireless Door and Gate Control Z Wave Automation Biometric Access and Door Locks Z Wave Automation Blinds, Curtains and Windows Syron Tablets, Software and Applications Automated Security and Surviellance
Z Wave Lighting Control Z Wave Wireless Door and Gate Control Z Wave Automation Biometric Access and Door Locks Z Wave Automation Blinds, Curtains and Windows Syron Tablets, Software and Applications Automated Security and Surviellance

Sainet - Your imagination, Our technology

Imagaine this. It's the end of the day and you tell your smart phone you're on the way home. And as the GPS monitors your progress through the traffic, your house is already preparing a welcome for you, drawing back the curtains, turning up the air-conditioning.

The external lights illuminate the drive as the gate opens and you pull into the garage, under the watchful gaze of the security cameras.

You touch the biometric keypad and the front door clicks open. And as the hallway lights up, you feel the warmth on your cheek, you hear the sweet tones of Miles Davis, you see the News unfolding on the big screen, and smell the aroma of the freshly brewed coffee that says welcome, you're home.

We admit it. We're control freaks. We can custom design a system that puts you in control of the latest technology, with whatever combination of Z-Wave Automation, Biometric Access Controls, Integrated Security Systems and associated IT and Networking products suits you. Or simply provide the right products so you can design your own system.

We admit it. We're control freaks.

Z Wave Automation

Z-Wave technology is a secure Wi-Fi system that connects products that are Z-Wave compatible. It can turn existing switches and appliances, or almost anything connected to the electrical system, into a wireless device. Able to be controlled by remote control, mobile phone, computer or tablet.

HVAC systems, audio and video, lighting, appliances, security, surveillance, biometric access can all be automated and operated at the touch of button - if you've got the imagination, we've got the technology.

Z-Wave systems are affordable, reliable and scalable, and can be built in or retrofitted to any home or office. And far from increasing your electricity bills, our systems can monitor and control your energy usage, turning on individual points only as required.

Biometric Security

Biometrics locks and deadbolts put security, quite literally, at your fingertips. With a touchpad that recognises your unique fingerprint or pin number. No keys. No fumbling. No locking yourself out of the house. And with up to a thousand locks able to be coordinated in the one system, it offers major benefits for business operators.

What's more, our next generation Z-Wave Biometric locks integrate perfectly with existing or new automation system. Turning on your lights, for instance, when you open the door. Sending a security alert to your mobile if someone else tries to use the lock, along with a photo of that person.

It's time we talked about the significant role biometrics can play in your security system, and their suitability or otherwise for your particular needs.

Electronics and Networking

In most cases you can use your existing computer and networking devices to operate your automated system. If not, we can either upgrade your devices to make them compatible with the new technology or supply suitable equipment.

That includes tablets, LCD and LED Monitors, PCs, keyboards and mice, Flash Memory, USB devices, ADSL modems and Wi-Fi routers. As well as sophisticated networking and internet devices including Powerline Ethernet which uses the electrical wiring in your house to create a network, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) which provides data and power connections in the one cable. Security products and cameras, for instance, can be connected via a PoE device without the need for separate cables.

Sainet also provides the only graphic interface that can change dependencies within a system from any computer at any time, without specialist software.

Security and Surviellance

Our range of IP Cameras includes wired, wireless and Power over Ethernet (PoE) systems. They can be connected to something like your tablet or mobile phone so you can check them from anywhere in the world, or incorporated into a complete automated, motion sensitive system.

Let's imagine someone you are expecting arrives at your house before you get there. When they press the doorbell it sends an alert message to your mobile phone, and by clicking on a link you can you see who it is, have a conversation with them, and even let them into the house if you want.

It's one of the big advantages of working with the only Australian supplier providing Automation, Biometrics, IT and Security under the one roof.

If you have any questions as you browse our website, or would like help designing a system to suit your particular needs,
please contact us through the contact page or phone 1300 55 11 36.